updates about motive and the market


Now we can tell you: SPIN is also in the group

SPINning further engineering solutions

For those who don't know, SPIN (www.spinmag.eu) is a consultancy company that has been designing advanced motors of all types since 1999: induction, synchronous, magnet, reluctance, axial motors... It also develops and sells a SW to help others engine design, they can't be as good as in SPIN anyway. It's hard to say in a few words how cool they are. Maybe, for example, you already use a drill or drive a car that is like that thanks to their work (OK, you should have a F..., a M.., or, if you are more unlucky, a B..., an A... or, at least, a car with B... brakes - sorry but there's a NDA).

SPIN helps Motive excel in the performance of its induction motors and pioneer the development of motors with more advanced technologies, and Motive adds to SPIN the know-how that can make their designs even more industrializable and competitive.

The integration of SPIN into the Motive+Settima group (sorry but we still have to give ourselves a name) leads to the acquisition of a total of more than 500 years of experience in R&D, and reflects a well-defined industrial plan... but this, however, cannot yet be explained (in the end I managed not to tell you something).