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DOCTOR 4.0 (patentado)

el sistema expandible universal que consta de sensores + puerta de enlace + plataforma + notificador de empuje, abierto, autoajuste, IoT, aprendizaje automático y A.I.

It looks like another sensor for predictive maintenance, doesn't it? However, this is something else, much more than it.

Its name is DOCTOR 4.0. It's a universal expandable system comprising of sensors + gateway + platform + pushnotifier, open, autotuning, IoT, machine learner, and it incorporates the most brilliant patented Artificial Intelligence for predictive maintenance (a real one, developed by a momentarily secret but famous genious, and not just a marketing word).

So, finally, is it another device for predictive maintenance? Not really! But this is only a preview, we cannot yet tell you what it is really and we keep you on your toes. Ah... if you’ll want it, you’ll have to ask it to someone else

 Industrial invention patent No. 102021000024412