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Maintenance free = problem free

Motive cast-iron motors up to size 280 do not have grease nipples. Why?

This photo shows what happens with the traditional cast iron motors (OF OTHER MAKERS), those that typically have open bearings to be regreased periodically. The customer, who does not read the manual and who cannot count the hours of activity of a motor (unless he uses our DOCTOR 4.0), waits for the bearings to make noise. Then, he pumps grease until the noise is suffocated. Most of the time he doesn't evacuate the old grease while doing it.

But this does not happen with Motive motors up to size 280 (90kW in 4 poles),

Why? Because we only use MAINTENANCE-FREE self-lubricated bearings!
And why don't others do the same? Because in theory the life of a bearing is that of its grease, and if you replace it periodically the bearing lasts longer, and because their bearings type cannot do what we do
So how dare Motive do it? The type of Motive's motors self-lubricated bearings, at the maximum axial and radial load and at the nominal speed, allows a duration that in our case goes beyond, based on NSK's own calculations, our own life expectancy (also mine, me who will never die)

You know, "strangely", since the time we adopted such special bearings years ago, the claims for the bearings failures came down to zero

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