updates about motive and the market


DOCTOR 4.0 evolves

finally a real predictive maintenance device that pays off, or even more?

We saw
-toy sensors that had to be thrown away when the battery was down,
-sensors giving one number data per day (how do you understand, for example, abnormal vibrations if someone was using a hammer nearby?),
-mouths filled of the word "artificial intelligence" when only 2 (vibration, heating) neurons were there, we heard
-talking about "self learning" when we had just to state in advance a tolerance for each taken value,
-people adding the "AI" term when the taken values correlations were not learned.
It was just nice to see a number in an app and sell it like a solution... but how useful was it really?

But, what if now we had a UNIVERSAL EXPANDABLE SENSING permanent system comprising of gateway + platform + pushnotifier, open, autotuning, IoT, machine learner, all-in-one and not a complicate assembly of devices, that incorporates the most brilliant patented Artificial Intelligence for predictive maintenance (a REAL one, and not just a marketing word)? And what if that not only receives data, but can also send commands from an app (slow down, stop, etc.)?

We would be faced with something that can really do predictive maintenance but, more importantly, that can do a lot more than that.
A dream? No, it's already there. We at Motive invented and patented it. It is called DOCTOR 4.0

Industrial invention patent No. 102021000024412