verify the test-report of efficiency, temperature, torque/speed, etc. of each motor

Test reports


poli 2 velocità sincrona 3000 min-1 | poles 2 synchronous speed 3000 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.09 0.12 56A-2 56A-2 0.09kW report.pdf 56A-2 0.09kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 56A-2 0.09kW eff.pdf 56A-2 0.09kW deltaT.pdf
0.13 0.18 56B-2 56B-2 0.13kW report.pdf 56B-2 0.13kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 56B-2 0.13kW eff.pdf 56B-2 0.13kW deltaT.pdf
0.18 0.25 63A-2 63A-2 0.18kW report.pdf 63A-2 0.18kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63A-2 0.18kW eff.pdf 63A-2 0.18kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 63B-2 63B-2 0.25kW report.pdf 63B-2 0.25kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63B-2 0.25kW eff.pdf 63B-2 0.25kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 63C-2 63C-2 0.37kW report.pdf 63C-2 0.37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63C-2 0.37kW eff.pdf 63C-2 0.37kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 71A-2 71A-2 0.37kW report.pdf 71A-2 0.37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71A-2 0.37kW eff.pdf 71A-2 0.37kW deltaT.pdf
0.50 2.00 80C-2 80C-2 1.5kW report.pdf 80C-2 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80C-2 1.5kW eff.pdf 80C-2 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 71B-2 71B-2 0.55kW report.pdf 71B-2 0.55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71B-2 0.55kW eff.pdf 71B-2 0.55kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 71C-2 71C-2 0.75kW report.pdf 71C-2 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71C-2 0.75kW eff.pdf 71C-2 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 80A-2 80A-2 0.75kW report.pdf 80A-2 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80A-2 0.75kW eff.pdf 80A-2 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 80A-2 IE3 80A-2 IE3 0.75kW report.pdf 80A-2 IE3 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80A-2 IE3 0.75kW eff.pdf 80A-2 IE3 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 80B-2 80B-2 1.1kW report.pdf 80B-2 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-2 1.1kW eff.pdf 80B-2 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 80B-2 IE3 80B-2 IE3 1.1kW report.pdf 80B-2 IE3 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-2 IE3 1.1kW eff.pdf 80B-2 IE3 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 90S-2 90S-2 1.5kW report.pdf 90S-2 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-2 1.5kW eff.pdf 90S-2 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 90S-2 IE3 90S-2 IE3 1.5kW report.pdf 90S-2 IE3 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-2 IE3 1.5kW eff.pdf 90S-2 IE3 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 90L-2 90L-2 2.2KW report.pdf 90L-2 2.2KW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-2 2.2KW eff.pdf 90L-2 2.2KW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 90L-2 IE3 90L-2 IE3 2.2kW report.pdf 90L-2 IE3 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-2 IE3 2.2KW eff.pdf 90L-2 IE3 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 100L-2 100L-2 3kW report.pdf 100L-2 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100L-2 3kW eff.pdf 100L-2 3kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 100L-2 IE3 100L-2 IE3 3kW report.pdf 100L-2 IE3 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100L-2 IE3 3kW eff.pdf 100L-2 IE3 3kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 100LB-2 100LB-2 4kW report.pdf 100LB-2 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LB-2 4kW eff.pdf 100LB-2 4kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 112M-2 112M-2 4kW report.pdf 112M-2 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-2 4kW eff.pdf 112M-2 4kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 112M-2 IE3 112M-2 IE3 4kW report.pdf 112M-2 IE3 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-2 IE3 4kW eff.pdf 112M-2 IE3 4kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 112MB-2 112MB-2 5.5kW report.pdf 112MB-2 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112MB-2 5.5kW eff.pdf 112MB-2 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132SA-2 132SA-2 5.5kW report.pdf 132SA-2 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132SA-2 5.5kW eff.pdf 132SA-2 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132SA-2 IE3 132SA-2 IE3 5.5kW report.pdf 132SA-2 IE3 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132SA-2 IE3 5.5kW eff.pdf 132SA-2 IE3 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 132SB-2 132SB-2 7.5kW report.pdf 132SB-2 7.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132SB-2 7.5kW eff.pdf 132SB-2 7.5kW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 132SB-2 IE3 132SB-2 IE3 7.5kW report.pdf 132SB-2 IE3 7.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132SB-2 IE3 7.5kW eff.pdf 132SB-2 IE3 7.5kW deltaT.pdf
9.20 12.50 132MA-2 132MA-2 9.2kW report.pdf 132MA-2 9.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MA-2 9.2kW eff.pdf 132MA-2 9.2kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 132MB-2 132MB-2 11kW report.pdf 132MB-2 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MB-2 11kW eff.pdf 132MB-2 11kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 160MA-2 160MA-2 11kW report.pdf 160MA-2 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160MA-2 11kW eff.pdf 160MA-2 11kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 160MA-2 IE3 160MA-2 IE3 11kW report.pdf 160MA-2 IE3 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160MA-2 IE3 11kW eff.pdf 160MA-2 IE3 11kW deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 160MB-2 160MB-2 15kW report.pdf 160MB-2 15kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160MB-2 15kW eff.pdf 160MB-2 15kW deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 160MB-2 IE3 160MB-2 IE3 15kW report.pdf 160MB-2 IE3 15kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160MB-2 IE3 15kW eff.pdf 160MB-2 IE3 15kW deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 160L-2 160L-2 18.5kW report.pdf 160L-2 18.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-2 18.5kW eff.pdf 160L-2 18.5kW deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 160L-2 IE3 160L-2 IE3 18.5kW report.pdf 160L-2 IE3 18.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-2 IE3 18.5kW eff.pdf 160L-2 IE3 18.5kW deltaT.pdf
22.00 30.00 180M-2 180M-2 22kW report.pdf 180M-2 22kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180M-2 22kW eff.pdf 180M-2 22kW deltaT.pdf
22.00 30.00 180M-2 IE3 180M-2 IE3 22kW report.pdf 180M-2 IE3 22kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180M-2 IE3 22kW eff.pdf 180M-2 IE3 22kW deltaT.pdf
30.00 40.00 200LA-2 200LA-2 30kW report.pdf 200LA-2 30kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200LA-2 30kW eff.pdf 200LA-2 30kW deltaT.pdf
37.00 50.00 200LB-2 IE3 200LB-2_IE3_37kW_report.pdf 200LB-2_IE3_37kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200LB-2_IE3_37kW_eff.pdf 200LB-2_IE3_37kW_deltaT.pdf
37.00 50.00 200LB-2 200LB-2 37kW report.pdf 200LB-2 37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200LB-2 37kW eff.pdf 200LB-2 37kW deltaT.pdf
45.00 60.00 225M-2 225M-2 45kW report.pdf 225M-2 45kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 225M-2 45kW eff.pdf 225M-2 45kW deltaT.pdf
55.00 75.00 250M-2 IE3 250M-2 IE3 55kW report.pdf 250M-2 IE3 55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 250M-2 IE3 55kW eff.pdf 250M-2 IE3 55kW deltaT.pdf
55.00 75.00 250M-2 250M-2 55kW report.pdf 250M-2 55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 250M-2 55kW eff.pdf 250M-2 55kW deltaT.pdf
75.00 100.00 280S-2 280S-2 75kW report.pdf 280S-2 75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280S-2 75kW eff.pdf 280S-2 75kW deltaT.pdf
90.00 125.00 280M-2 280M-2 90kW report.pdf 280M-2 90kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280M-2 90kW eff.pdf 280M-2 90kW deltaT.pdf
110.00 150.00 315S-2 315S-2_110kW_report.pdf 315S-2_110kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315S-2_110kW_eff.pdf
132.00 180.00 315MA-2
160.00 215.00 315LA-2 315LA-2_160kW_report.pdf 315LA-2_160kW_report.pdf 315LA-2_160kW_eff.pdf
200.00 270.00 315LB-2 315LB-2_200kW_report.pdf 315LB-2_200kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315LB-2_200kW_eff.pdf
250.00 335.00 355M-2 355M-2_250kW_report.pdf 355M-2_250kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 355M-2_250kW_eff.pdf
315.00 423.00 355L-2

poli 4 velocità sincrona 1500 min-1 | 4 poles synchronous speed 1500 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.06 0.09 56A-4 56A-4 0.06kW report.pdf 56A-4 0.06kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 56A-4 0.06kW eff.pdf 56A-4 0.06kW deltaT.pdf
0.09 0.12 56B-4 56B-4_0.09kW_report.pdf 56B-4_0.09kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 56B-4_0.09kW_eff.pdf 56B-4_0.09kW_deltaT.pdf
0.13 0.18 63A-4 63A-4 0.13kW report.pdf 63A-4 0.13kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63A-4_0.13kW_eff.pdf 63A-4 0.13kW deltaT.pdf
0.18 0.25 63B-4 63B-4 0.18kW report.pdf 63B-4 0.18kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63B-4 0.18kW eff.pdf 63B-4 0.18kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 63C-4 63C-4 0.25kW report.pdf 63C-4 0.25kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 63C-4 0.25kW eff.pdf 63C-4 0.25kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 71A-4 71A-4 0.25kW report.pdf 71A-4 0.25kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71A-4 0.25kW eff.pdf 71A-4 0.25kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 71B-4 71B-4_0.37kW_report.pdf 71B-4_0.37kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71B-4_0.37kW_eff.pdf 71B-4_0.37kW_deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 71C-4 71C-4_0.55kW_report.pdf 71C-4_0.55kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71C-4_0.55kW_eff.pdf 71C-4_0.55kW_deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 80A-4 80A-4 0.55kW report.pdf 80a-4_0.55kw_rpm-nm-a.pdf 80A-4 0.55kW eff.pdf 80A-4 0.55kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 80B-4 80B-4 0.75kW report.pdf 80B-4 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-4 0.75kW eff.pdf 80B-4 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 80B-4 IE3 80B-4 IE3 0.75kW report.pdf 80B-4 IE3 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-4 IE3 0.75kW eff.pdf 80B-4 IE3 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 80C-4 80C-4 1.1kW report.pdf 80C-4 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80C-4 1.1kW eff.pdf 80C-4 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 90S-4 90s-4_1.1kw_report.pdf 90s-4_1.1kw_rpm-nm-a.pdf 90s-4_1.1kw_eff.pdf 90s-4_1.1kw_deltat.pdf
1.10 1.50 90S-4 IE3 90S-4 IE3 1.1KW report.pdf 90S-4 IE3 1.1KW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-4 IE3 1.1KW eff.pdf 90S-4 1.1KW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 90L-4 90L-4 1.5kW report.pdf 90L-4 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-4 1.5kW eff.pdf 90L-4 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 90L-4 IE3 90L-4 IE3 1.5kW report.pdf 90L-4 IE3 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-4 IE3 1.5kW eff.pdf 90L-4 IE3 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
1.90 2.60 90LB-4 90LB-4 1.9kW report.pdf 90LB-4 1.9kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90LB-4 1.9kW eff.pdf 90LB-4 1.9kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 100LA-4 100LA-4 2.2kW report.pdf 100LA-4 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LA-4 2.2kW eff.pdf 100LA-4 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 100LA-4 IE3 100LA-4 IE3 2.2kW report.pdf 100LA-4 IE3 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LA-4 IE3 2.2kW eff.pdf 100LA-4 IE3 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 100LB-4 100LB-4 3kW report.pdf 100LB-4 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LB-4 3kW eff.pdf 100LB-4_3kW_deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 100LB-4 IE3 100LB-4 IE3 3kw report.pdf 100LB-4 IE3 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LB-4 IE3 3kW eff.pdf 100LB-4 IE3 3kW_deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 112M-4 112M-4 4kW report.pdf 112M-4 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-4 4kW eff.pdf 112M-4 4kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 112M-4 IE3 112M-4 IE3 4kW report.pdf 112M-4 IE3 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-4 IE3 4kW eff.pdf 112M-4 IE3 4kW deltaT.pdf.pdf
5.00 6.80 112MB-4 112MB-4 5kW report.pdf 112MB-4 5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112MB-4 5kW eff.pdf 112MB-4 5kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132S-4 132S-4 5.5kW report.pdf 132S-4 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132S-4 5.5kW eff.pdf 132S-4 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132S-4 IE3 132S-4 IE3 5.5kW report.pdf 132S-4 IE3 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132S-4 IE3 5.5kW eff.pdf 132S-4 IE3 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 132M-4 132M-4 7.5KW report.pdf 132M-4 7.5KW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132M-4 7.5KW eff.pdf 132M-4 7.5KW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 132M-4 IE3 132M-4 IE3 7.5KW report.pdf 132M-4 IE3 7.5KW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132M-4 IE3 7.5KW eff.pdf 132M-4 IE3 7.5KW deltaT.pdf
9.20 12.50 132MB-4 132MB-4 9.2kW report.pdf 132MB-4 9.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MB-4 9.2kW eff.pdf 132MB-4 9.2kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 132MC-4 132MC-4 11kW report.pdf 132MC-4 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MC-4 11kW eff.pdf 132MC-4 11kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 160M-4 160M-4 11kW report.pdf 160M-4 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160M-4 11kW eff.pdf 160M-4 11kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 160M-4 IE3 160M-4 IE3 11kW report.pdf 160M-4_IE3_11kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160M-4 IE3 11kW eff.pdf 160M-4 IE3 11kW deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 160L-4 160L-4 15kW report.pdf 160L-4 15kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-4 15kW eff.pdf 160L-4 15kW deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 160L-4 IE3 160L-4 IE3 15kW report.pdf 160L-4 IE3 15kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-4 IE3 15kW eff.pdf 160L-4 IE3 15kW deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 180M-4 180M-4 18.5kW report.pdf 180M-4 18.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180M-4 18.5kW eff.pdf 180M-4 18.5kW deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 180M-4 IE3 180M-4 IE3 18.5kW report.pdf 180M-4 IE3 18.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180M-4 IE3 18.5kW eff.pdf 180M-4 IE3 18.5kW deltaT.pdf
22.00 30.00 180L-4 IE3 180L-4_IE3_22kW_report.pdf 180L-4_IE3_22kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180L-4_IE3_22kW_eff.pdf 180L-4_IE3_22kW_deltaT.pdf
22.00 30.00 180L-4 180L-4 22kW report.pdf 180L-4 22kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180L-4 22kW eff.pdf 180L-4 22kW deltaT.pdf
30.00 40.00 200L-4 200L-4 30kW report.pdf 200L-4 30kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200L-4 30kW eff.pdf 200L-4 30kW deltaT.pdf
37.00 50.00 225S-4 225S-4 37kW report.pdf 225S-4 37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 225S-4 37kW eff.pdf 225S-4 37kW deltaT.pdf
45.00 60.00 225M-4 225M-4 45kW report.pdf 225M-4_45kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 225M-4 45kW eff.pdf 225M-4 45kW deltaT.pdf
55.00 75.00 250M-4 250M-4 55kW report.pdf 250M-4 55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 250M-4 55kW eff.pdf 250M-4 55kW deltaT.pdf
55.00 75.00 250M-4 IE3 250M-4_IE3_55kW_report.pdf 250M-4_IE3_55kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 250M-4_IE3_55kW_eff.pdf 250M-4_IE3_55kW_deltaT.pdf
75.00 100.00 280S-4 280S-4 75kW report.pdf 280S-4 42kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280S-4 75kW eff.pdf 280S-4 75kW deltaT.pdf
90.00 120.00 280M-4 280M-4 90kW report.pdf 280M-4 90kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280M-4 90kW eff.pdf 280M-4 90kW deltaT.pdf
110.00 150.00 315S-4 315S-4 110kW report.pdf 315S-4 110kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315S-4 110kW eff.pdf 315S-4 110kW deltaT.pdf
132.00 180.00 315M-4 315M-4 132kW report.pdf 315M-4 132kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315M-4 132kW eff.pdf 315M-4 132kW deltaT.pdf
160.00 220.00 315LA-4 315LA-4_160kW_report.pdf 315LA-4_160kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315LA-4_160kW_eff.pdf 315LA-4_160kW_deltaT.pdf
200.00 270.00 315LB-4 315LB-4_200kW_report.pdf 315LB-4_200kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315LB-4_200kW_eff.pdf
250.00 335.00 355M-4 355M-4_250kW_report.pdf 355M-4_250kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 355M-4_250kW_eff.pdf
315.00 423.00 355L-4 355L-4_315kW_report.pdf 355L-4_315kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 355L-4_315kW_eff.pdf

poli 6 velocità sincrona 1000 min-1 | 6 poles synchronous speed 1000 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.18 0.25 71A-6 71A-6 0.18kW report.pdf 71A-6 0.18kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71A-6 0.18kW eff.pdf 71A-6 0.18kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 71B-6 71B-6 0.25kW report.pdf 71B-6 0.25kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71B-6 0.25kW eff.pdf 71B-6 0.25kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 80A-6 80A-6 0.37kW report.pdf 80A-6 0.37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80A-6 0.37kW eff.pdf 80A-6 0.37kW deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 80B-6 80B-6 0.55kW report.pdf 80B-6 0.55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-6 0.55kW eff.pdf 80B-6 0.55kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 90S-6 90S-6 0.75kW report.pdf 90S-6 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-6 0.75kW eff.pdf 90S-6 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 90S-6 IE3 90S-6 IE3 0.75kW report.pdf 90S-6 IE3 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-6 IE3 0.75kW eff.pdf 90S-6 IE3 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 90L-6 90L-6 1.1kW report.pdf 90L-6 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-6 1.1kW eff.pdf 90L-6 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 90L-6 IE3 90L-6 IE3 1.1kW report.pdf 90L-6 IE3 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-6 IE3 1.1kW eff.pdf 90L-6 IE3 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 100L-6 100L-6 1.5kW report.pdf 100L-6 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100L-6 1.5kWeff.pdf 100L-6 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 100L-6 IE3 100L-6 IE3 1.5kW report.pdf 100L-6 IE3 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100L-6 IE3 1.5kW eff.pdf 100L-6 IE3 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 112M-6 112M-6 2.2kW report.pdf 112M-6 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-6 2.2kW eff.pdf 112M-6 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 112M-6 IE3 112M-6 IE3 2.2kW report.pdf 112M-6 IE3 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-6 IE3 2.2kW eff.pdf 112M-6 IE3 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 132S-6 132S-6 3kW report.pdf 132S-6 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132S-6 3kW eff.pdf 132S-6 3kWdeltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 132S-6 IE3 132S-6 IE3 3kW report.pdf 132S-6 IE3 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132S-6 IE3 3kW eff.pdf 132S-6 IE3 3kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 132MA-6 132MA-6 4kW report.pdf 132MA-6 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MA-6 4kW eff.pdf 132MA-6 4kW deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 132MA-6 IE3 132MA-6 IE3 4kW report.pdf 132MA-6 IE3 4kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MA-6 IE3 4kW eff.pdf 132MA-6 IE3 4kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132MB-6 132MB-6 5.5kW report.pdf 132MB-6 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MB-6 5.5kW eff.pdf 132MB-6 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 132MB-6 IE3 132MB-6 IE3 5.5kW report.pdf 132MB-6 IE3 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132MB-6 IE3 5.5kW eff.pdf 132MB-6 IE3 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 160M-6 160M-6 7.5kW report.pdf 160M-6 7.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160M-6 7.5kW eff.pdf 160M-6 7.5kW deltaT.pdf
11.00 10.00 160L-6 160L-6 11kW report.pdf 160L-6 11kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-6 11kW eff.pdf 160L-6 11kW deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 180L-6 IE3 180L-6_IE3_15kW_report.pdf 180L-6_IE3_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180L-6_IE3_15kW_eff.pdf 180L-6_IE3_15kW_deltaT.pdf
15.00 15.00 180L-6 180L-6 15kW report.pdf 180L-6 15kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 180L-6 15kW eff.pdf 180L-6 15kW deltaT.pdf
18.50 20.00 200LA-6 200LA-6 18.5kW report.pdf 200LA-6 18.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200LA-6 18.5kW eff.pdf 200LA-6 18.5kW deltaT.pdf
22.00 30.00 200LB-6 200LB-6 22kW report.pdf 200LB-6 22kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 200LB-6 22kW eff.pdf 200LB-6 22kW deltaT.pdf
30.00 40.00 225M-6 225M-6 30kW report.pdf 225M-6 30kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 225M-6 30kW eff.pdf 225M-6 30kW deltaT.pdf
37.00 50.00 250M-6 250M-6 37kW report.pdf 250M-6 37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 250M-6 37kW eff.pdf 250M-6 37kW deltaT.pdf
45.00 60.00 280S-6 280S-6 45kW report.pdf 280S-6 45kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280S-6 45kW eff.pdf 280S-6 45kW deltaT.pdf
55.00 75.00 280M-6 280M-6 55kW report.pdf 280M-6 55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 280M-6 55kW eff.pdf 280M-6 55kW deltaT.pdf
75.00 100.00 315S-6 315S-6 75kW report.pdf 315S-6 75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 315S-6 75kW eff.pdf 315S-6 75kW deltaT.pdf

poli 8 velocità sincrona 750 min-1 | 8 poles synchronous speed 750 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.13 0.18 71B-8 71B-8 0.13kW report.pdf 71B-8 0.13kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 71B-8 0.13kW eff.pdf 71B-8 0.13kW deltaT.pdf
0.18 0.25 80A-8 80A-8 0.18kW report.pdf 80A-8 0.18kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80A-8 0.18kW eff.pdf 80A-8 0.18kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 80B-8 80B-8 0.25kW report.pdf 80B-8 0.25kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 80B-8 0.25kW eff.pdf 80B-8 0.25kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 90S-8 90S-8 0.37kW report.pdf 90S-8 0.37kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90S-8 0.37kW eff.pdf 90S-8 0.37kW deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 90L-8 90L-8 0.55kW report.pdf 90L-8 0.55kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 90L-8 0.55kW eff.pdf 90L-8 0.55kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 100LA-8 100LA-8 0.75kW report.pdf 100LA-8 0.75kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LA-8 0.75kW eff.pdf 100LA-8 0.75kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 100LB-8 100LB-8 1.1kW report.pdf 100LB-8 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 100LB-8 1.1kW eff.pdf 100LB-8 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 112M-8 112M-8 1.5kW report.pdf 112M-8 1.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 112M-8 1.5kW eff.pdf 112M-8 1,5kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 132S-8 132S-8 2.2kW report.pdf 132S-8 2.2kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132S-8 2.2kW eff.pdf 132S-8 2.2kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 132M-8 132M-8 3kW report.pdf 132M-8 3kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 132M-8 3kW eff.pdf 132M-8 3kW deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 160MB-8 160MB-8 5.5kW report.pdf 160MB-8 5.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160MB-8 5.5kW eff.pdf 160MB-8 5.5kW deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 160L-8 160L-8 7.5kW report.pdf 160L-8 7.5kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf 160L-8 7.5kW eff.pdf 160L-8 7.5kW deltaT.pdf


poli 2 velocità sincrona 3000 min-1 | poles 2 synchronous speed 3000 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.37 0.50 DLF71A-2 DLF71A-2 0,37kW_report.pdf DLF71A-2_037kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF71A-2_037kW_eff.pdf DLF71A-2_037kW_deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 DLF71B-2 DLF71B-2_055kW_report.pdf DLF71B-2_055kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF71B-2_055kW_eff.pdf DLF71B-2_055kW_deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 DLF80A-2 DLF80A-2_075kW_report.pdf DLF80A-2_075kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF80A-2_075kW_eff.pdf DLF80A-2_075kW_deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 DLF80B-2 DLF80B-2_11kW_report.pdf DLF80B-2_11kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF80B-2_11kW_eff.pdf DLF80B-2_11kW_deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 DLF90S-2 DLF90S-2_15kW_report.pdf DLF90S-2_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90S-2_15kW_eff.pdf DLF90S-2_15kW_deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 DLF90L-2 DLF90L-2_22kW_report.pdf DLF90L-2_22kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90L-2_22kW_eff.pdf DLF90L-2_22kW_deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 DLF100L-2 DLF100L-2_3kW_report.pdf DLF100L-2_3kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF100L-2_3kW_eff.pdf DLF100L-2_3kW_deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 DLF11M-2 DLF112M-2_4kW_report.pdf DLF112M-2_4kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF112M-2_4kW_eff.pdf DLF112M-2_4kW_deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 DLF132SA-2 DLF132SA-2_55kW_report.pdf DLF132SA-2_55kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132SA-2_55kW_eff.pdf DLF132SA-2_55kW_deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 DLF132SB-2 DLF132SB-2_7.5kW_report.pdf dlf132sb-2_7.5kw_rpm-nm-a.pdf dlf132sb-2_7.5kw_eff.pdf dlf132sb-2_7.5kw_deltat.pdf
11.00 15.00 DLF160MA-2
15.00 20.00 DLF160MB-2 DLF160MB-2_15kW_report.pdf DLF160MB-2_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF160MB-2_15kW_eff.pdf DLF160MB-2_15kW_deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 DLF160L-2
22.00 30.00 DLF180M-2
30.00 40.00 DLF200LA-2
37.00 50.00 DLF200LB-2

poli 4 velocità sincrona 1500 min-1 | 4 poles synchronous speed 1500 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.37 0.50 DLF71B-4 DLF71B-4_037kW_report.pdf DLF71B-4_037kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF71B-4_037kW_eff.pdf DLF71B-4_037kW_deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 DLF80A-4 DLF80A-4_055kW_report.pdf DLF80A-4_055kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF80A-4_055kW_eff.pdf DLF80A-4_055kW_deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 DLF80B-4 DLF80B-4_075kW_report.pdf DLF80B-4_075kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF80B-4_075kW_eff.pdf DLF80B-4_075kW_deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 DLF90S-4 DLF90S-4_11kW_report.pdf DLF90S-4_11kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90S-4_11kW_eff.pdf DLF90S-4_11kW_deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.20 DLF90L-4 DLF90L-4_15kW_report.pdf DLF90L-4_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90L-4_15kW_eff.pdf DLF90L-4_15kW_deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 DLF100LA-4 DLF100LA-4_22kW_report.pdf DLF100LA-4_22kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF100LA-4_22kW_eff.pdf DLF100LA-4_22kW_deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 DLF100LB-4 DLF100LB-4_3kW_report.pdf DLF100LB-4_3kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF100LB-4_3kW_eff.pdf DLF100LB-4_3kW_deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 DLF112M-4 DLF112M-4_4kW_report.pdf DLF112M-4_4kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF112M-4_4kW_eff.pdf DLF112M-4_4kW_deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 DLF132S-4 DLF132S-4_55kW_report.pdf DLF132S-4_55kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132S-4_55kW_eff.pdf DLF132S-4_55kW_deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 DLF132M-4 DLF132M-4_75kW_report.pdf DLF132M-4_75kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132M-4_75kW_eff.pdf DLF132M-4_75kW_deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 DLF160M-4 DLF160M-4_11kW_report.pdf DLF160M-4_11kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF160M-4_11kW_eff.pdf DLF160M-4_11kW_deltaT.pdf
15.00 20.00 DLF160L-4 DLF160L-4_15kW_report.pdf DLF160L-4_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF160L-4_15kW_eff.pdf DLF160L-4_15kW_deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 DLF180M-4
22.00 30.00 DLF180L-4
30.00 40.00 DLF200L-4

poli 6 velocità sincrona 1000 min-1 | 6 poles synchronous speed 1000 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.75 1.00 DLF90S-6 DLF90S-6_075kW_report.pdf DLF90S-6_075kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90S-6_075kW_eff.pdf DLF90S-6_075kW_deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 DLF90L-6 DLF90L-6_1.1kW_report.pdf DLF90L-6_1.1kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF90L-6_1.1kW_eff.pdf DLF90L-6_1.1kW_deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 DLF100L-6 DLF100L-6_15kW_report.pdf DLF100L-6_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF100L-6_15kW_eff.pdf DLF100L-6_15kW_deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 DLF112M-6 DLF112M-6_22kW_report.pdf DLF112M-6_22kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF112M-6_22kW_eff.pdf DLF112M-6_22kW_deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 DLF132S-6 DLF132S-6_3kW_report.pdf DLF132S-6_3kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132S-6_3kW_eff.pdf DLF132S-6_3kW_deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 DLF132MA-6 DLF132MA-6_4kW_report.pdf DLF132MA-6_4kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132MA-6_4kW_eff.pdf DLF132MA-6_4kW_deltaT.pdf
5.50 7.50 DLF132MB-6 DLF132MB-6_55kW_report.pdf DLF132MB-6_55kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF132MB-6_55kW_eff.pdf DLF132MB-6_55kW_deltaT.pdf
7.50 10.00 DLF160M-6 DLF160M-6_75kW_report.pdf DLF160M-6_75kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF160M-6_75kW_eff.pdf DLF160M-6_75kW_deltaT.pdf
11.00 15.00 DLF160L-6
15.00 20.00 DLF180L-6 DLF180L-6_15kW_report.pdf DLF180L-6_15kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf DLF180L-6_15kW_eff.pdf DLF180L-6_15kW_deltaT.pdf
18.50 25.00 DLF200LA-6
22.00 30.00 DLF200LB-6


poli 2 velocità sincrona 3000 min-1 | poles 2 synchronous speed 3000 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.18 0.25 M63A-2 M63A-2 0.18 kW report.pdf M63A-2 0.18 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M63A-2 0.18 kW eff.pdf M63A-2 0.18 kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 M63B-2 M63B-2 0.25 kW report.pdf M63B-2 0.25 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M63B-2 0.25 kW eff.pdf M63B-2 0.25 kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 M71A-2 M71A-2 0.37 kW report .pdf M71A-2 0.37 kW rpm-Nm-A .pdf M71A-2 0.37 kW eff .pdf M71A-2 0.37 kW deltaT .pdf
0.55 0.74 M71B-2 M71B-2 0.55 kW report.pdf M71B-2 0.55 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M71B-2 0.55 kW eff.pdf M71B-2 0.55 kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 M80A-2 M80A-2 0.75 kW report.pdf M80A-2 0.75 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M80A-2 0.75 kW eff.pdf M80A-2 0.75 kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 M80B-2 M80B-2 1.1kW report.pdf M80B-2 1.1kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M80B-2 1.1kW eff.pdf M80B-2 1.1kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 M90S-2 M90S-2_1.5_kW_report.pdf M90S-2_1.5_kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf M90S-2_1.5_kW_eff.pdf M90S-2_1.5_kW_deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 M90L-2 M90L-2_2.2_kW_report.pdf M90L-2_2.2_kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf M90L-2_2.2_kW_eff.pdf M90L-2_2.2_kW_deltaT.pdf

poli 4 velocità sincrona 1500 min-1 | 4 poles synchronous speed 1500 rpm

KW HP Type diagrams
numerical complete report Nm/rpm/A η % ΔT
0.18 0.25 M63B-4 M63B-4 0.18 kW report.pdf M63B-4 0.18 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M63B-4 0.18 kW eff.pdf M63B-4 0.18 kW deltaT.pdf
0.25 0.35 M71A-4 M71A-4 0.25 kW report.pdf M71A-4 0.25 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M71A-4 0.25 kW eff.pdf M71A-4 0.25 kW deltaT.pdf
0.37 0.50 M71B-4 M71B-4 0.37kW report.pdf M71B-4 0.37 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M71B-4 0.37 kW eff.pdf M71B-4 0.37 kW deltaT.pdf
0.55 0.75 M80A-4 M80A-4 0.55 kW report.pdf M80A-4 0.55 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M80A-4 0.55 kW eff.pdf M80A-4 0.55 kW deltaT.pdf
0.75 1.00 M80B-4 M80B-4 0.75 kW report.pdf M80B-4 0.75 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M80B-4_0.75_kW_eff.pdf M80B-4 0.75 kW deltaT.pdf
1.10 1.50 M90S-4 M90S-4 1.1 kW report.pdf M90S-4 1.1 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M90S-4 1.1 kW eff.pdf M90S-4 1.1 kW deltaT.pdf
1.50 2.00 M90L-4 M90L-4 1.5 kW report.pdf M90L-4 1.5 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M90L-4 1.5 kW eff.pdf M90L-4 1.5kW deltaT.pdf
2.20 3.00 M100LA-4 M100LA-4_2.2_kW_report.pdf M100LA-4 2.2 kW rpm-Nm-A.pdf M100LA-4 2.2 kW eff.pdf M100LA-4 2.2 kW deltaT.pdf
3.00 4.00 M100LB-4 M100LB-4_3_kW_report.pdf M100LB-4_3_kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf M100LB-4_3_kW_eff.pdf M100LB-4_3_kW_deltaT.pdf
4.00 5.50 M112M-4 M112M-4_4_kW_report.pdf M112M-4_4_kW_rpm-Nm-A.pdf M112M-4_4_kW_eff.pdf M112M-4_4_kW_deltaT.pdf

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Our products
IE2 or IE3, IP55, multiple voltage multi-frequency, S1 aluminum body
IE2 or IE3, IP55, multiple voltage multi-frequency, S1 cast-iron frame
selfbraking motors use one or 2 spring-pressure brakes
for ambient temperatures up to 100°C, and S1 continuous duty
ATEX certified motors for zones 1-2-21 and 22, Cat. 2 and 3, Dust and Gas
patented system, easy to use, IP65, with removable control panel, remotable wireless
variable speed drive, for 1PH supply and 3PH motors, up to 2.2kw
control unit for air suction and ventilation
compressors control unit
control units for single phase and three phase hydraulic power packs
VFD for the automatic control of water pumping systems
island or hybrid drive for solar pumps and motors
ATEX certified V.F.Drives for zones 21 and 22, Cat. 2 and 3, Dust
The gearbox model ROBUS-A completes ROBUS range
made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 4300Nm
Monolithic iron body for heavy duty, bevel gears in the second stage, max 600Nm
for shaft mounting too. Monolitic iron body. Max 700Nm
made with die-casting aluminium housing from size 25 up to 90, and in cast iron from size 110
to be mounted on any type of fitted geared motor (PAM)
new planetary cone disc variators
ATEX certified gearboxes for zones 1-2-21 and 22, Cat. 2 and 3, Dust and Gas