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motive was born in the year 2000, from RIB group (www.ribind.it), a world leading company in the automatic entry systems field, with the aim of transferring its 35 years-old technological know-how into the industrial electric motors and reducers market. Before that motive was born, we conduced an ad hoc market survey in order to build our ground-up customer-driven organization on the basis of the results.

motive is organized on the basis of the above considerations, with the aim of providing optimum value in all processes involved in safety, reliability, and deliveries.

These goals are achieved by:

  • Each product offers those “motive-ations” that make the difference. The attention is firstly addressed to the search for the unexpressed needs of the customer that, in most of cases, resseds in what he didn’t see yet. For instance, no one thought, before that Motive had shown it, that concepts like "ergonomics", "aesthetics", "modularity", and even "aerodynamics" (just think about applications related to ventilation) could add value to a product like an electric motor or a mechanical gearbox. A product should not born simply to enlarge product range, but mainly to offer new advantages.
  • Our designs are made to facilitate all assembly operations in our workshop and eventually the one of our customer, in order to be able to give a nearly prompt delivery (quite unusual in gearboxes market). Such aim is reached thanks to aspects like quality consistency of the parts, modularity, redundancy, abounding geometries, suitability to work in all conditions and positions, and by including in the standard whatever is normally offered by others as an option to be asked (and paid) extra; concepts that are there in all of Motive products. No matter which other brand you think about, if you put a motor and a gearbox together they remain a disomogeneous assembly of 2 parts; but if you put together a Motive gearbox and a Motive motor you first see what we call "the hand of the same artist" and later you discover that also the substance is common. Only with motive you find a real “gear-motor”
  • Final tests are performed on 100% of our products rather than by means of statistical controls.
  • Unless it is a special product, manufacturing doesn’t start after the customer order, but it is planned according to our sales statistics and exepectations, thus offering a prompt delivery. The client is then served in 91% of orders with material that was ready before that the order was made, and in the balance 9%, usually resulting from special executions, in just 1-2 weeks, because finished components are kept ready as well. We’re so proud of our numbers, that we give to our clients the possibility to enter directly into our system, to check in real time the stock level of either final products or components.
  • motive s.r.l.
  • A better communication: we prove our products performance with certified laboratory type test reports, ; each product is accompanied by a production final test report and a technical manual: our catalogues speak clearly and in detail; we make 3D movies showing in a more transparent and understandable way each product characteristic; we periodically keep the customers informed of our company, products and service improvements with mailed “motive news”; our design in 2D or 3D are at the disposal of those designers that need to incorporate them in their machines; our web-site is in continuous development to give to our customers more information and services.
  • Motive is like a container for people focused on the needs and priorities of customers in each process, from the market study and the search of specific solutions, passing through design and manufacturing, to the delivery and service. Rather than using a hierarchical discipline-driven format, we provide our personnel with the resources they need to create values or, as we say, motives.

As a consequence and confirmation, on 20 July 2001 we became the fist Italian company certified ISO9001:2000 in our field. The Quality System field of application reported in our certificate is: “Design and manufacture of electrical motors and reduction gears for power transmission”. In April 2010, once again first, our Quality System certificate has been updated to ISO9001:2008

The success of our strategy has been confirmed by the expansion of our sales worldwide, fastly generating the constitution of a logistics branch in France (Lyon) in 2003, the building of a further factory (www.rotomotive.com) in India in 2005, the opening of the new factory in Montirone BS Italy in 2006, the plant nr 2 in 2007, and, in 2010, the constitution of the Gulf logistic branch Motive M.E FZC (www.rotomotive.com) in the UAE.

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