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Settima unveils Motive, and Motive unveils Settima

Leading the energy transition, together

Many had already received some gossip of what was boiling in the pot: the merger of Motive with an unspecified company. In reality, it was a merger with 2 companies: SETTIMA MECCANICA , https://www.settima.it/ and an established motors design studio (we’ll just call it “studio”, for the moment)

With Settima the merger took place before a notary at the end of December 2022, with the studio some company preliminary operations are necessary before the closing, and the name is therefor still secret

Of course, in due course we will do our due and tell you what we could do with you in everyone's interest.
If you don't already know Settima, click on https://www.settima.it/. We couldn't say it any better
Don't worry, nothing is taken away from Motive. Everything Motive does today will continue to be there. The whole product portfolio, all the projects, the services, the internal staff, the management, the commercial network... everything remains. Also the partners, but indirectly, because we are now partners in the holding company that owns the two (in the next future 3) companies.
The exiting shareholder are also entrant shareholders, as interested in Motive as in SETTIMA and in the Studio, in the same %, because the companies are enclosed in a single holding, and that's where we are partners. And so are all the co-owners. In this way, we will all be oriented towards maximizing the growth of the whole group, and not to favor one over the other.
Nothing is taken away, therefore, but there will be additions to the opportunities afforded to and by Motive.

Some notes on Settima:
Settima started in 1978 and disrupted the hydraulics market in 2003 with its “Continuum” pump, a revolutionary low-noise and low vibration pump that reshaped the state of the arts in the hydraulics market.
Products such as low noise and low vibration pumps are shifting from a “nice” to a “must” have, both for industrial and mobile applications.
With SETTIMA’s leveraged presence, and with the technical support of Studio, Motive will enter the rapidly growing electric mobility segment.
Motive could also benefit from Settima’s operations management know-how, and strengthen its production process

Without forgetting the strong drive towards innovation (Settima's vocation) which will drag Motive in the years to come

Settima unveils Motive, and Motive unveils Settima

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