updates about motive and the market



It was already the best inline helical gearbox of our field, inside and outside, but we have revamped it anyway, because exceling and surprising are among our motive-ations

In parallel with the next completion of the STON and ENDURO ranges, we’ve added to ROBUS new gears, we optimized the wheels mix, we modified some pre-existing pinions and shafts, and, as a result, we have now more ratios and better service factors.

A new catalogue has consequently been issued (https://www.motive.it/en/cataloghi-animazioni.php), and this is also an innovation: it’s more user friendly and more complete than before. You will find for example some important data that is often underestimated like the max backlash of each size and ratio, one by one.

The configurator (https://www.motive.it/en/configuratore.php) has also been updated to follow such development, like we always do whenever something changes at motive.