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Copyrights and competition laws affect not only producers, but the traders and their clients as well

Since a few years ago, when the design registration of our BOX series expired in China (unlike in other Countries, in China it can last up to 10 years only), judging by the number of imitations I would say that our design is the new reference for copiers :-).

But what these manufacturers seem not to know, or do not tell their customers abroad, is that the BOX series design registration is still in effect in many other Countries. Not to mention the competition laws, valid also where the design is not registered.

For this reason, some companies, previously unaware, had to accept the mild advice of Motive and reach settlement agreements, while others, such as IFI Spain, once convicted, even had to close (the penalty was too high for them, and they had to to bother all their clients to disinstall and destroy the copy) and the directors disappeared. Since the ruling required IFI also to publish his crime in national journals, in this specific case I have no problem specifying the name of the offender, as an example.

There are many other possible designs, no need for disqualifying and risky copies.


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